Free midwife consultation in the Mother and Child Passport

Within the framework of the midwife consultation, pregnant women between the
between the 18th and 22nd week of pregnancy can make use of the competent support of a midwife. Please find a midwife immediately at the beginning of your pregnancy.

The midwife will advise you in detail and take time for your concerns, questions and perhaps also worries.
    - Pregnancy
    - Healthy nutrition, exercise, sport before and after pregnancy
    - What options are there for preparing for birth?
    - Choosing the place of birth
    - Childbirth 
    - Postpartum
    - Feeding the baby - breastfeeding and/or pre-nutrition
    - First time with the baby
    - Support options
    - the midwife wants to strengthen the mothers beliefs that they have the

       capability to give birth,same as a child is equipped to be born
from the 32nd week of pregnancy (for this, a home visit in the postpartum period is less) 
To make an appointment: by phone: 004366473536962 or via the contact form


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